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Yarra Valley Experiences

Right on Melbourne’s door step is one of the world’s greatest food and wine regions.  Our Yarra Valley food and wine tours are just over an hour’s drive from the city centre, where you will discover over fifty wineries, charming cafes boasting local produce, restaurants offering incredibly diverse dining experiences, inspiring art galleries, nature walks, wildlife and spectacular scenery.

World-class Wine at Stunning Estates

The Yarra Valley is prime winegrowing territory, thanks to its well-balanced climate and the low, rolling hills and shallow valleys of its topography. Among the best-established wineries in the region are Coldstream Hills, Yarra Yering, Yeringberg and Dominique Portet.  Not only are they renowned for their wines, but these properties have beautiful cellar doors, sweeping vineyard views and often feature amazing cuisine.

Take in a winery tour, sample some of the delicious vintages on offer, and indulge yourself on your visit to the Yarra Valley.

Experience the highest quality in dining

Local and international visitors alike enjoy visiting the Yarra Valley for the incredible dining experiences on offer. Many of the local estates, including Oakridge, Levantine Hill and TarraWarra, are host to renowned restaurants featuring highly reputable chefs. With produce sourced locally – often from the kitchen garden on site, you’re in for an epicurean delight. There’s something so memorable about enjoying a delicious vineyard lunch whilst overlooking the rolling vines and hills of the Yarra Valley. Enjoying the culinary delights of the Yarra Valley is a not-to-be-missed experience of the region.

Explore the Charming Grounds of Coombe Yarra Valley

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Dame Nellie Melba was one of Australia’s key cultural exports, singing for crowds in London, Paris, and New York. For a time, however, Dame Nellie resided right here, in the Yarra Valley, at Coombe Cottage.

A visit to Coombe Cottage and its charming surroundings might be top of your list of activities – of what to see and what to do in the Yarra Valley; take a tour of what is one of the most lovely landscaped gardens in Victoria.

Get to Grips with the Yarra Valley from the Air with a Hot Air Ballooning Experience

The Yarra Valley is a lovely place to spend hours exploring, but, sometimes, it is difficult to get a real understanding of the landscape when we limit ourselves to the ground. This is why a hot air balloon tour of the Yarra Valley has become such an important thing to do for visitors to the region.

A sunrise flight in a hot air balloon is a simply magical experience, and will provide memories which last a lifetime. Join MPT’s Yarra Valley Ballooning and Barrel Tasting tour and make a hot air balloon flight the centrepiece of your Yarra Valley stay.

Go at Your Own Pace

When compared with the hustle and bustle of downtown Melbourne, life in the Yarra Valley is somewhat sedate. However, that doesn’t mean that you will have this pace dictated to you – it is up to you how you experience this remarkable part of the world. For those interested in getting out and about, you will find trails such as the Lilydale-Warburton rail pathway, ideal for hiking and for exploring the scenery at a slow and steady rate. Enquire with our team about how to tailor your Yarra Valley experience to best match your interests.

Soak Up the Local Culture of a Charming Region

The Yarra Valley is overflowing with historical and cultural interest and you might be lucky enough to be visiting at just the right time to soak up a regional event. The Yarra Valley Opera Festival channels the legacy of famous resident Dame Nellie Melba in October, while the Tarrawarra Museum of Art is home to some incredible pieces and visiting exhibitions.

Elsewhere, the Healesville Music Festival represents family friendly fun on the run-up to the summer season, and is held over three days in November, while the Mont de Lacey homestead provides a fascinating glimpse into the Yarra Valley of times gone by. History buffs and culture aficionados will find much to enjoy right here.

Savour Some of the Finest Gourmet Treats in Victoria

Pairing the right beverage with the right cheese is something which excites both culinary enthusiasts and fine wine experts. Nowhere is this better supported than right here in the Yarra Valley, as some of the best wine-growing territory in Australia rubs up against Victoria’s best dairy farms and creameries.

The Yarra Valley Dairy has been doing what it does best here for well over a century, and is well worth a visit if you are in the mood to sample some fine cheeses. When it is time to enjoy a dessert, the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery is difficult to beat, and is open from 9 am until 5 pm every day.

How will your Yarra Valley adventure take shape? This list of things to do in the region is not a comprehensive one, and represents just the tip of the iceberg in what is one of the most fascinating and varied corners of the state of Victoria.

Yarra Valley Tours

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